Book Review: The Fourth Kinetic: Clairvoyants

“I wish I knew more about this gift. The dangers. The limitations. As much as I want to keep it concealed, it’s hard not being able to talk about it with anyone. This power is as dangerous as it is incredible, but there’s no one to guide me.”

“Clairvoyants: The Fourth Kinetic”, by Brady Moore

I’m delighted to join the Blog Tour of “The Fourth Kinetic: Clairvoyants” by Brady Moore. Many thanks to Kelly of Love Books Tours, the publishers Cayelle Publishing, and of course the author for organising the tour and gifting me an e-copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Rion Grean is 17 years old, and starting at a new high school – his sixth in 4 years. His mum is a freelance researcher, and her job has kept the pair on the move for as long as Rion can remember; never staying anywhere long enough to put down roots or make friends. But more than your usual loner, Rion has a secret he can’t tell anyone, not even his mother – he can move things with his mind…

Content with his solitary existence, Rion is happy to keep to himself. But things are about to take a dangerous turn, and soon Rion finds himself separated from his mum and fleeing from a sinister organisation. 

As the story progresses with many exciting twists and turns, Rion discovers he is not the only one with powers; he is one of the Clairvoyants – humans with one of four specific powers. The Kinetics, like Rion, who have the power of telekinesis; the Prophets with their visions of the future; the Aurals who can project their minds into others; and the Readers, who can read minds. For the first time, Rion finds himself amongst people like himself – but will he be able to get the answers he is looking for?

I really enjoyed this new young adult sci-fi/fantasy book by Brady Moore, which has you asking questions from the start! Why does Rion’s mum move them around so often? Is she as unaware of Rion’s powers as he thinks? And who is Rion’s father and what happened to him?

I love fantasy fiction, but it’s been a while since I’ve tried a new author (there are so many series to choose from!), so it’s great to experience a fresh new world. I really enjoyed learning about the other clairvoyants’ powers and back stories, and Rion is a likeable and interesting lead character. I would recommend this book to young adults (and indeed older ones too!), and I look forward to more to come in the series.

Pages: 298
Published: 4 May 2021
Rating: 🐈🐈🐈🐈/5

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