Book Review: The Island of Palm Trees

“Maybe it isn’t the specific thing that happens to you that’s important, but instead just having anything happen to you.”

“The Island of Palm Trees”, by Michael Walsh-Rose

I was delighted to join the Blog Tour of “The Island of Palm Trees” by Michael Walsh-Rose. Many thanks to Vic of Insta Book Tours and of course the author for organising the tour and gifting me a (signed!) copy of the book.

Most people come to the Scarlett Grove Hotel in Roquetas De Mar to enjoy a luxury hotel, sun, sea and sand.

But the characters in Michael Walsh-Rose’s novel, “The Island of Palm Trees” all have a different reason. Aspiring writer Tom wants to escape the boredom of living at home and the memories of his father, and find inspiration for his novel; Sarah is trapped in an abusive marriage with partner Richard, and is mourning the loss of a child; Gabriella is desperate to salvage her family business; and Joy is hiding from a past she can’t seem to escape.

As Tom gets sucked into each of the characters’ dangerous worlds, he may not only fail to come away from the island with a novel – he may lose his life.

What a great debut novel! I really enjoyed reading this one. I don’t know how much the author followed his protagonist’s theory that you should ‘write what you know’, but I found Tom to be a believable and likeable main character. The author has a quirky and direct style of writing that really appealed to me. I have huge admiration for independent authors, and I hope this book is the first of many from Walsh-Rose.

Pages: 402
Published: 10 July 2021
Rating: 🐈🐈🐈/5

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