Book Review: Buried Beneath

"The Conductor stared out at the calm, dark water of the Black Sea in contemplation. This world of international trafficking was not unlike a symphony. The politicians were the percussion, banging fists and pounding desks—law enforcement, the woodwinds: subtle and pervasive. The smugglers were the brass: bold and obvious, and the logistics were the strings, winding through every movement, every measure with beautiful complexity. And there, at the front of the stage, leading them all from sonata to rondo, was The Conductor."

Book Review: The Cult

“Why did she have to die? And what happened when she did? Uncle Saviour had said that she would simply stop being. Stop learning. Stop eating. Stop thinking. Stop … being alive. The thought was so frightening that she’d started to cry, but he’d wiped away her tears and said he knew a way to stop her from dying, to stop all of them from dying, and in his eyes, she’d seen the truth. Uncle Saviour was special. He knew how to save her. He knew how to save them all. She didn’t want to die. No one did. She would do anything to live forever.”

Book Review: On The Edge

Checking herself into rehab, Jen hopes to get her life back on track; but when she receives an urgent message from her brother calling her back to Cornwall, she awakens to find herself drugged and hanging in the darkness from a lighthouse, battered by a thunderstorm and with no memory of how she got there. Barely escaping with her life, Jen is forced to question whether she has relapsed and returned to her reckless ways, or whether someone is using her weaknesses against her…