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Book Review: The Very Nice Box

“She took another bite. She felt a small residual guilt over having left Jaime downstairs, but she would give herself this — this small pleasure. She would allow herself to drop her sad lunch into an Accommodating Garbage Bin. She would allow herself the gift of a well-assembled medium-rare cheeseburger. She would allow herself the coveted position of the corner table of the cafeteria. And she would allow herself to once again feel a small but perceivable joy at the fact that Mat had clearly not wanted to discuss work — he had simply wanted to eat lunch with her.”

Book Review: The Way the Light Bends

“Freya fitted her hand in between ivy stems to press against the curvatures of stone. Lowering sunlight shone directly into her eyes from the very edge of the bell tower, and for a moment she was blinded, the space beyond the doorway turned into gold and vermillion. And for that moment, for a brief moment of light and secrets, Freya almost believed that she could step through the arch into some hidden place, and find her sister.”

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