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Book Review: Wolf Tones

“She ignored all the rules of engagement, marched across the court and attacked him, verbally, physically and emotionally. She hurt him until he curled into a metaphorical ball and then she kicked him when he was down – all the while telling him it was an act of love.” “Wolf Tones”, by JJ Marsh I’m …

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Book Review: The Man Who Died Twice

“We’re getting the 2.30 bus in Brighton, and we’ll get out by the big M&S and walk into Hove. Elizabeth has said, ‘Strictly no shopping, Joyce,’ so we’re certainly on business of some sort. What sort of business though? Diamonds? Murder? Perhaps a bit of both? That would be nice.” “The Man Who Died Twice”, …

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Book Review: Five Minds

“Communes are the rarest of all. Fewer than one in ten of you will choose that, and it takes five of you to make one commune. But for some it is definitely the right choice. It means that you will see a time that none of the rest of us will see.” “Five Minds”, by …

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