Book Review: Final Term

"He hadn’t planned to despatch her so early in the game, if at all, not least because killing her had been risky … But it would probably have been necessary to silence her in the end because there had always been a chance she might reveal what had really happened between them. He had the impression she had already begun to waver, so it was her own fault she was dead."

Book Review: Sad Cypress

"But I don't want her to be hanged, I tell you! Supposing she was driven desperate? Love's a desperate and twisting business. It can turn a worm into a fine fellow — and it can bring a decent, straight man down to the dregs! Suppose she did do it. Haven't you any pity?" Hercule Poirot said: "I do not approve of murder."

2022 Top 15

I’ve read 85 books this year, and all have had something to enjoy in them; so narrowing down my favourites has been tricky! A top 10 proved too hard, so I have put together a top 15 that I particularly enjoyed reading this year, and which represent my favourite genres — mystery, crime, historical fiction, literary fiction and a dash of fantasy and horror!

Book Review: Hercule Poirot’s Christmas

“ For a minute they stood there huddled together looking in. What they saw was a sight that no one of them ever forgot… There had clearly been a terrific struggle. Heavy furniture was overturned. China vases lay splintered on the floor. In the middle of the hearthrug in front of the blazing fire lay Simeon Lee in a great pool of blood… Blood was splashed all round. The place was like a shambles.”